It’s a chicken and egg problem: somebody joins LinContEx, submits their feeds, doesn’t bother setting up an exchange page, and then never gets any link exchange requests. So they never bother to create an Exchange Page. So they never get any exchange requests. So they never…

You get the point.

I’ve run into this a […]

I just checked’s stats in Google’s webmaster tools and imagine my surprise when I discovered that 14% of the searches in which LinContEx appeared in July were for “caveman mating”, “cavemen mating” and “cavemen mating rituals”.

Do people really search for that?!

“Caveman mating” was the most common of ALL searches for which the […]

I just added a new page to LinContEx to help you find your best link exchange partners more quickly. It’s a list of all the tags you’ve used to tag your feeds, each of which links to a list of the feeds tagged with those same tags.

To get to your tag list, click “Search […]

When most people think about link trading, they imagine building massive numbers of links to their home pages. But is it more effective to get homepage links or deep links? And is it more effective to focus your link trades on one page or to spread it between multiple pages?

Deep links are any link […]

Okay, here’s something I’ve been wanting to do, and I finally got around to updating LinContEx to support it.

I’ve got a few blogs which mostly cover different topics. But there is some overlap — for example, this blog talks about SEO and link exchanges, and so does my White Hat Crew blog. So when […]

No matter how you go about finding link exchange partners, a core principle of marketing applies: it’s many times easier to sell to your customers than to find new customers to sell to. Similarly, the easiest people to set up link trades with are people who you’re already trading links with!

If you’re setting up […]

Remember blogrolls — those lists of other blogs that people used to run down their blog sidebars? Oh, people still do that? So web 1.0.

Face it, blogrolls are boring. Why should I care which blogs you read or recommend? A list of blog titles does nothing to actively capture interest and traffic.

In the […]

One of the foundational principles behind is that outbound links to quality content are good not only for the site being linked to, but also for the site doing the linking. SEO experts have been teaching this for a while, but even many experts are still reluctant to link out for fear of losing […]

It’s been a few days since the launch of LinContEx, and I’ve been enjoying watching the tag cloud evolve as our members submit and tag their feeds. But I also see that there’s a need for a little guidance on how to choose the right tags.

For most of this post, I’m going to focus […]

When it comes to search engine optimization, many webmasters will jump through any hoops necessary to hold onto their PageRank. But is your PageRank death grip helping or hurting you?

PageRank is a number calculated by Google based on how many links are pointing to your webpage, how many links are pointing to the pages […]

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