No matter how you go about finding link exchange partners, a core principle of marketing applies: it’s many times easier to sell to your customers than to find new customers to sell to. Similarly, the easiest people to set up link trades with are people who you’re already trading links with!

If you’re setting up link trades by email, as soon as your trade has been approved, send another email suggesting that you each add links to a few more pages. If someone emails you requesting a link trade, request multiple links in your original response — they’ve already pre-approved the trade, so there’s no reason to waste time getting to the point.

If you’re using LinContEx to manage your link exchanges, first, you’ll want to be sure you’ve registered multiple exchange pages. (If you’re using LinContEx Remote and the WordPress plugin, that’ll happen automatically). Then, when you click “request an exchange”, if you see that your partner has multiple exchange pages too, submit the first request and then come back and request another — or even several more.

Just be sure that the topics of all the feeds and the pages they’re displayed on matches.