It’s a chicken and egg problem: somebody joins LinContEx, submits their feeds, doesn’t bother setting up an exchange page, and then never gets any link exchange requests. So they never bother to create an Exchange Page. So they never get any exchange requests. So they never…

You get the point.

I’ve run into this a couple of times — I’d find a feed I wanted to exchange links with, but since the feed owner hadn’t set up an Exchange Page, it was impossible to submit the request. Since I don’t want LinContEx to be used as a spam relay, I haven’t created a messaging system, but this problem needed to be solved.

And now it has been.

Now, if you click “Request an exchange with this feed” and get the dreaded “No more available pages found” message, you’ll find a link under that says “Ask the feed owner to create an Exchange Page”. Click it and an email will go out telling them that somebody wants to exchange with them, but they need to create an Exchange Page to make it possible.

To avoid spamming, the message is not editable. And each LinContEx member will receive no more than one such email every 24 hours (any additional requests get queued up and sent out in a batch email). And of course, if you have Exchange Pages with space on them for more feeds, you won’t get pestered by these messages at all.

Once the other person creates an Exchange Page, anyone who’d sent a request to them will get an email linking to the feed page from which they made the request. So it’s easy to pick up where you left off, check out their Exchange Page to make sure you really want your feed on it, and request the actual exchange.

Clear as mud? I think it will be when you see the link or get the email.

I’ve already sent out a few request, and I just got an email telling me that an Exchange Page got created for one of the feeds I wanted to exchange with.