Okay, here’s something I’ve been wanting to do, and I finally got around to updating LinContEx to support it.

I’ve got a few blogs which mostly cover different topics. But there is some overlap — for example, this blog talks about SEO and link exchanges, and so does my White Hat Crew blog. So when I post an SEO article here, I’d like to link from it to the latest posts in White Hat Crew’s SEO Category feed.

When LinContEx first lauched, you could view your own feeds (of course), but the “request an exchange” link was hidden. Starting today, it’s not (though the wording of the link is changed to make it clear that you’re setting up an “exchange” with yourself).

This won’t be very useful to you if you’ve got a free account, but if you’re a Gold Member and are using LinContEx Remote, this feature makes it SUPER easy to cross link between related pages on your own blogs. (You could even use it to cross link between individual posts on a single blog and the latest posts in a related category, though there are probably WordPress plugins specifically designed for that).

I’ve now set up my first link & content exchange with myself, and I’m sure it won’t be my last.