The first thing to do after you join LinContEx is to submit your RSS and Atom feeds so that other members can pick them up, display them on their sites, and start sending you inbound links. Here are a few tips on which feeds to submit and how to find your feed URLs.

First, which […]

A typical link exchange is like a caveman’s mating ritual: bash Google over the head with a club and ask for a kiss.

It used to work, till the search engines got wise and started crushing spammy links pages like a brontosaurus.

Today, ushers in the evolution of link exchanges. Instead of creating those […]

I’m getting ready to launch…or at least the free beta version of the site. It’ll be a “link and content exchange”, powered by RSS feeds.

Each member will submit the addresses of their RSS feeds and the pages where they’re interested in exchanging. Feeds will be tagged by topic, and pages will have information […]

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