I just added a new page to LinContEx to help you find your best link exchange partners more quickly. It’s a list of all the tags you’ve used to tag your feeds, each of which links to a list of the feeds tagged with those same tags.

To get to your tag list, click “Search Feeds” in the menu bar to go to the tag cloud page. Between the cloud of the most popular tags and the links to the alphabetical tag pages, you’ll see a new link: “Tags You’ve Used”. Click that to get to your personal list.

Your best link partners are most likely to be those whose feeds have content related to yours, so the quickest way to find them is to search the tags that you’ve used.

Next to each tag name, you’ll see a number in parenthesis. That’s the number of feeds using that tag. If the number is “1”, then the only feed with that tag is yours, so you don’t need to click through to look for exchange partners. If it’s greater than 1, that might be a good place to look.